Wedding Story

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Their parents introduced them to each other and then took a backseat. Well, what else was there to do, with this dashing young couple deciding to veer their own course, and in style. Meet Aditi – a beautiful young girl from Delhi; soft-spoken, stylish and it wouldn’t hurt to say, with beautiful eyes that speaks. And Anubhav – a fun-loving, easy-going handsome young man, who complements everything about Aditi.Their wedding was a simple affair in accordance with the Vedic rituals. Aditi looked every bit of a princess in her pretty red lehenga and some shiny rock jewellery to complement it. And Nikhil matched her as her knight in the shining armour as strutted in, on his white mare. It was a very emotinionally charged time for her family to see her go, to bid her good-bye as she drove away with Anubhav to be with her new family. Here’s a sneak peek to all the fun and fabulous time we spent with them.