Wedding Story

isha films

Parents are the visibly present figures of god who lives and stays with you in your life. No one else can wish better to you than your parents. They know you inside out and what is better for you. And this is what has been seen in the case of Sawan and Mira. Since they were young children, their parents were friends with each other and decided their children’s fate and to change this friendship into relationship they actually set them up. So this is how Sawan and Mira’s first meet happened and as they both said, something clicked between them and they could see their future with each other ahead.

Both the families are situated outside India, and nothing is better than having a destination wedding. When you think Rajasthan, you think of the Thar desert, the colourfully dressed women, you think of Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Des, of stories of princes and princesses, of beautiful palaces, you think of a very Royal splendour. Seeing Sawan & Mira evokes similar feelings. Their wedding in Udaipur was steeped in the richness of tradition. All the lavish and ancient hotels and palaces were booked in order to have a simple yet royal wedding. Just like every couple and every wedding has something special about it, this one also has its own.