“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”


It is the team only who gives all the meaning the company deserves. To pull out such great photos & videos of your wedding day is not possible without a trained and professional team.

At our studio you can always talk to the photographer, discuss your ideas, and we are always glad to help you in planning your wedding day. And to make the brides comfortable with shoots, we have female coordinators & photographers too.

Our films are tailored to your wedding, and so is our crew. We have a great & fantastic team of twenty. We wouldn’t compromise on production value so you can trust our instinct on how many people you would need.

Hi, I’m
Sumit Nagar

Founder and Director

There are many tales of his hardship, passion and love for his work. Things which were mentioned by every single person at Isha Films are, that he is a kind of person who don’t or can’t say “NO” to anyone regarding anything. Be it a suggestion, request or complaint, he is open to everything. He has been the main source of guidance and inspiration to everyone in the office, for the work and for life as well. Talking and listening to him is not limited to office work, you can share and discuss about your life with him. He is a person who can be win over by love and trust simply.

Hi, I’m
Vishal Nagar


The art of cinematography can never be taught, and he is a very good example of this. He has never gone to any institute, or any done any course related to this field, but then also he masters it. Both the brothers have only one thing in common, and that is the passion for their work. He knows his work very well and that makes him the Idol of many. The knowledge he hold for this field is unbeatable.

For us it’s all about you

Our success is because of you. We are dedicated to customer service through our elegant, contemporary & documentary coverage for all occasions. We have a very creative team of photographers & videographers working full time in our studio.

Having a strong & stable backhand proves to be a very important feature in being on top. We understand that photography is very important to you & you want to hire an absolute right person.

So, we encourage you to look around & make sure that you find the work you love & a photographer you can connect with. Do not settle for anything less.

We do very little advertising & depend on our current & past client’s recommendations rather than telling you about our years of experience, money saving solutions, we would rather have our satisfied customers tell you themselves.


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